Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whiskers Wednesday - Angel Digs Brushes

My mom thinks she’s pretty clever, and I guess she is, but she can’t outmaneuver me. She put all her makeup brushes in one drawer, and every morning when she puts on her face, she opens the drawer, takes out the one she needs and quickly closes the drawer again. I love to steal her brushes and run away as fast as I can, taking them to a good hiding place before she can get them away from me. She says I must be part ferret, whatever the heck that is. If a ferret is a gorgeous, intelligent girl of the feline persuasion, then yep, that’s me.

She always says, “I don’t know why you want my brushes.” Well, I don’t know why either, but because I’m a cat, I don’t analyze it, I just go with it.

The other morning, I sensed the presence of a brush in another drawer, not the hidey hole she picked out for all the others. Now let me tell you what, I went after it!
You can see my digging style, determination and go-after-what-you-want-at-all-costs attitude in the pictures mom snapped. She thought I was rummaging around in the drawer only to discover all the brushes were gone. Ha! The joke was on her. This little bitty old brush was way at the back of that drawer, and I GOT IT! In your face! Oops, sorry, Mom, I didn’t mean the in your face part.
I got that little sucker and ran like a Rottweiler was on my tail. Casper was having a good laugh watching the show. Mom took the bait and came after me. After I had my fun, I let her take the little brush back to its new hidey hole.

We’ll meet again, little brush… we’ll meet again.


  1. I must admit, sounds like a pretty darn good time to me!

  2. How funny! You're outnumbered my friend. I think they plot all day (and probably all night) on how they can give you a hard time.

  3. Now that's a new one on me. Bella and Maya don't seem to have a preferred target like your Angel. As a matter of fact, I don't see them that engaged with anything other than food!

  4. Brian- I love how you all stick together on these issues. ;)

    Shaddy - you're right. Once, when I came in the door, I could have sworn I saw them shredding some kind of schematics and charts. They are very sneaky.. :)

    Parrot - Casper was more like Bella and Maya until Angel came along. Now even he's more active. Once I moved a piece of excercise equiment and found a plastic drinking straw, my favorite sz. 8 knitting needles (the pair, not just one), and one of my brushes, hidden under it. I really think Angel's a ferret disguised as a tabby cat.