Saturday, May 5, 2012

We are Confused...

Hey, it's me Casper! Finally our mom let us get back on her computer - we've missed you all - I know you must have been missing me! -- oh yeah, and Angel, too.

It's been a confusing week for us. Let me tell you about it... Our mom came home Monday evening and we heard her on the phone with our big human brother talking about having implant surgery earlier in the day..'no, it's not too painful'; 'doctor said healing was pretty quick', etc.

Now, here's where the confusion comes in. Mom always says, about women having implants, "Why would anyone want even more of this baggage to carry around?  Reduction I understand, but implants? No,  I don't get that."  So why the sudden turnaround? Is mom having body image issues? What's up? 

Excuse me a second - sheesh, doesn't she know I'm communicating with my public??

"WHAT, MOM?" "Huh? Dental implant? Wha's that?"

Oh.. well never mind..

Hope you all have a purrfectly wonderful Cinco de Mayo!

Hugs and purrs~


  1. A dental implant? The bitey is coming, watch out! Happy Cinco Sinko to you!

  2. MOL! That is so funny! Happy Cinco de Mayo, sweet pals!