Saturday, April 28, 2012

Slowing Down the Pace

It's Spring --my favorite time of year -- again -- already! I know its cliche to say that time is passing so quickly... but, it's cliche because it is so true!.  I've decided that because I can't slow the pace of passing time, I will slow the pace of myself, my life. I'll slow down, do things deliberately, calmly, mindfully.

If my slower pace leaves me in your way, as you rush through life, please feel free to zoom around me, shaking your fist and swearing as you do, if you must. It's okay and I won't even mind, because life is just too short to live intolerant and offended.

But, if you care to join me, we'll savor the time.. and enjoy each other's company. Come on, let's go sit in bright yellow chairs, enjoy a tall cold drink and share some laughter and time together. Maybe together we can slow down the pace of passing time.


  1. That sounds great to us! We'll be happy to join you. :)

  2. A slow pace is something I am really good at!!!

  3. Yay! It's springtime. We had two days of no rain this weekend, but the rain is back for the week. Got to get outside and tackle the weeds in my garden AND plant a few color spots to brighten the day.