Saturday, September 28, 2013

Forget the Stereotype and Simply Live the Life

A lot has happened since my long ago last post.  In a nutshell.. I moved to Bartlesville,  Oklahoma,  lived there eight months, and then this May I moved to Houston, Texas.  Culture shock ensued going  from small town USA to big city living. I've decided that "home" is inside me and I belong wherever I am at any given time. 

Houston has been good to me.  I have a great walking/biking trail right down the street from my apartment, and I have tons of great places to shop and eat.  Since moving here I've tried more varieties of ethnic cuisines than I have in the whole rest of my life! And I've enjoyed all of them.  I've been to some wonderful museums and last weekend I enjoyed a fantastic play produced by a small local theater group. 

Life is fun! I don't ever want to give in to the stereotype of  what someone in my age group 'should' be like. I won't base my decisions on what stage of life I'm in, or by what someone else thinks is right for me. I'll be 58 years old next month and I'm finally learning to trust my inner voice to guide me.  Aww sweet freedom.

Even mature trees continually experience new growth.

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  1. What a great outlook on life, Jana! So glad you're enjoying whatever life brings you. :)