Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scrapbooking - and Life - Tips

It's the picture and the story behind the picture that should be the focus
• Keep it simple and stick to the basics. All you really need for scrapbooking is paper, archival pens, cutting tool, adhesives, a few – very few – embellishments like brads, ribbons, stickers, and most important –you need your pictures - it should be about the pictures and the stories behind them. Your pages will come out cleaner, lighter and more pleasing to the eye. And you won’t spend a fortune on shinola you don’t need.

• Don’t fall prey to the hype from advertisers and pushers. This includes conventions and scrapbook stores. I’ve bought more stuff than I will EVER use, just because I wandered aimlessly in stores and just ‘had to buy’ something that was so cute – and who knows how long they will have this particular cute thing. I’ve gone to conventions where there are rows and rows of booths with people telling me why I absolutely needed this awesome, life-changing gadget.

• Be aware that once you fill your space with tons of STUFF that you’d have to live 4 lifetimes to use, it bogs you down, it causes inertia, and the wonderful experience of creating now becomes a burden, causing you to not want to do it anymore, producing even more heaviness in you because so much of your hard earned money is sitting there tied up in what now has become just so much obvious waste.

Just as in life, if you follow tip # 1, you’ll create, you’ll enjoy it more, and it will be a pleasant experience. I’m currently paring my scrapbook supplies down to the basics. I can’t even begin to know how much money I had tied up. I was more engaged in the accumulation of STUFF that I lost sight of the reason I started scrapbooking. I won’t make this mistake again. A hobby should bring joy, not stress and immobility.

• Keep it light and remember, as in all of life, to ENJOY the EXPERIENCE!


  1. Good tips, Jana! Oh, and by the way, that picture is ADORABLE. :)

  2. Thanks, meowmeowmans - that precious toddler is my youngest grandson.

  3. I love that picture, I see he is your grandson. Such a handsome little dude!!!

  4. I know what you're saying about getting bogged down by too much stuff!!! It's so easy to do and, like you said, the overload takes the focus from where it originally was.

    A person can get lost and misdirected. I got caught up in having a "perfect" yard and that often took the joy from what I was doing.

    I'm glad you're on the right track again and that you'll enjoy some FUN scrapbooking.


  5. Your grandson is adorable!!

    Shaddy again.

  6. Love the post and the reminders it brings. And the picture of your adorable grandson! Hope all is well with you.