Saturday, September 3, 2011


Even in my younger, thinner days, I'd never have been able to balance on shoes like these! I see lots of young ladies walking in heels way too high for them, teetering and walking awkwardly, not realizing the shoes, they just had to have to make them look sexy and cool, are doing just the opposite for them.

I've looked for balance most of my life, teetering, making adjustments and awkwardly centering myself once again. Today I began a de-cluttering project in my house, and I am once again looking for balance in ridding myself of things that bring no value to my life while keeping those things that are necessary, bring beauty, peace, joy and sentimentality into it. I've read, and enjoyed, many essays written by self-proclaimed minimalists. Many say not to worry if you offend loved ones by ridding yourself of things they've given to you. I find that those gifts do bring me joy because they were given in love. Anything taken to an extreme cannot bring balance. I go, back to my de-cluttering project, hopefully in balance.


  1. I love those shoes but they are definitely scary to think of balancing on, for sure!

    I agree with you regarding hanging on to things that family and friends have given to us.

    Happy Labor Day weekend to you!!

  2. I know - I loved those shoes, too. When I was at DSW looking for my sensible Clark's flats, I lusted a little over those tall heels and so, to keep the lust alive, I had to snap a picture with my cell phone.
    Having a great weekend and I wish you the same!