Saturday, May 21, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I love Spring!  Shopping for flowers with my best bud (unintentional pun) is always lots of fun and we have some beautiful landscape nurseries to enjoy here in Tulsa. This one is Southwood - my favorite.


  1. Awesome! Nothing's quite like wandering through endless flowers.

    Lon and I were at K&W Greenery in Janesville yesterday. They're stock is fabulous as well.

    It's great to hear from you, Jana.

  2. Hi Jana - Looks like a beautiful nursery. Hope you found some plants to take home. Glad to see you in print again! How's the new job (or not so new now)? Did you end up moving?

  3. Hi, Shaddy! It's so good to hear from you, too. I love wandering and browsing amidst all those vibrant colors. It's so relaxing - and then I get home and think..Oh Poo, now I have to get to work and get them planted.

    Hey Parrot! I did bring home some beautiful Asian lillies, argyranthemum, sedum and some annuals I can't remember the names of... I find myself drawn to the flowers my mom had in her gardens when I was a kiddo. By the way I loved the picture of you and your beautiful mother in your boas and hats. Very sweet.
    I haven't been able to bring myself to move yet. I love my home here in Tulsa and my best friend is here, etc. So...for now I'll continue piling on the miles on my car and polluting the atmosphere.

    It's so good to hear from both of you!

  4. That sure is a nice looking nursery! Did you end up buying anything to plant?