Sunday, March 20, 2011

Before and After

I'm fascinated with those Before and After photos taken for all kinds of makeovers -- weight loss, make-up, cosmetic surgery, home makeovers, landscaping.... you know what I'm talking about. So here's my B&A contribution....

 Last month - it took me two days to shovel all the snow off my sidewalk and driveway.

Today - my neighbor's tulip tree is full of beautiful blooms,

and people in the park were flying kites, tossing Frisbees and walking in 84-degree temps.

I've noticed this year I didn't really dread the winter as much as usual, and you know, even though we had record low temperatures, and record snowfalls, it didn't seem so bad.  I guess I'm starting to get the hang of that accepting, and making the best, of those things I can't change.  I actually found myself enjoying coming home from work at 6:30, when it was already dark. I could snuggle up in sweats and hibernate away.  And I did!! --didn't even blog, check emails or (arrrgghhh) check Facebook much, but I read a bit, watched TV and enjoyed the peacefulness of the evenings.
Now, it's Spring -- I've started back walking in the park, and I've even begun to get a smidgen of desire to work in the yard.
Hope all my friends will forgive me for not being a very faithful blogger -- working it only as the spirit moves me...  :)

Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. Further visual proof of why I don't miss living where there's snow...!

  2. Welcome Back! It's great to see your post and see the beautiful transformation into spring in your neighborhood. It's happening here too! YaHOO!

  3. Lovely photos. I wish I could make snowman on that pile of ice. Sadly on our country, having snow rain was way out of the question since we only had here 4 distinct climate. But I'm looking forward to see those lovely flakes of snow once I travel to LA to meet my Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles and have my very first surgery. Actually I'm doing this not because I have some insecurities on my body but it is for health purposes.

  4. It's wonderful to hear from you again! I'm glad you survived the winter and even enjoyed it for what it is. I sort of like snuggling up, warm and cozy on the cold winter nights, too. I think we appreciate the warm weather more when we have winter to compare it to.

    You sure got more than enough exercise shoveling two days to clear your driveway. I love your before and after photos. It's hard to believe there are only a few weeks between when they were taken.

    I always welcome friends back whenever they've been away and for whatever reasons. We shouldn't do things out of habit, rather because we feel inspired. I haven't been too inspired lately but manage to find topics to blog about. That is, blah, blah, blog about.

    I hope warm weather comes to stay pretty soon for us all.

  5. Welcome back! It's so nice to see you guys again. :)

    Happy spring to you, too!